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The Changing Digital World

It is increasingly difficult to keep current with the changes to Infrastructure and Applications. Often it is hard to make sense of the different options available to you. It is difficult to balance new and legacy requirements and pick the right choices for your business needs. It does not help that competitors, taking advantage of next generation cloud platforms, can compete in your market from another continent.

How does your business respond to this change? There are so many difficult choices that must be made, and our professional independent guidance can help. When adopting new technology, you can’t expect your organisation not to change as well. We work with clients to redesign their operating model, create process efficiencies and save cost across their organisation to maximise the benefits.

Who Are We? Xiaa Solutions is a specialist reseller and consulting business focused on advising and enabling Senior IT management to make the right choices for their current and future IT needs. We have skilled professionals and partners who can ensure that whatever your business requires, IT is able to deliver highly available applications at speed and in the most cost-effective way.

I.T Planning

Plan I.T Systems

Beware, your competitors are deploying new and improved systems to steal your lunch! You need to transform your IT systems to remain competitive and this requires careful planning. The goals can be to introduce a new system, to migrate to a new architecture (such as cloud services), to resolve performance issues, or to reduce ongoing costs. We can assist in terms of functional design, capacity assessment, performance planning, and cloud migration strategies.

Questions we can help answer include:

  • Where is your business in the maturity curve for Digital Transformation?
  • How much legacy and duplication are you carrying?
  • What redundant applications and infrastructure exist?
  • Is infrastructure over-provisioned?
  • What are the best cloud options?
  • How accurate is your audit of networks, systems, configurations and applications?
I.T Build

Build I.T Applications

Xiaa, working with our Application Development Partner Singlepoint, will help you write new agile custom applications, re-write legacy applications, and exploit and accelerate digital capabilities.

With our Digital Acceleration Platform we look to use the best technical solutions to deliver products and services to market better and faster.

We have been working with Machine Learning & AI We for years, and we understand what you have to do to realise long term benefits of this inevitable future. We can advise you on how to start, or how to move forward from where you are now.

Cloud is a word most people understand, but not how to make it happen or how to make it most effective for their business. With Singlepoint, we have been helping clients manage that journey for years and can assist you in either a technology assessment of cloud options, or help manage your cloud implementation directly.

I.T Manage

Manage I.T Infrastructure

Don't go down! The overriding goal is that system downtime has to be avoided as it directly impacts the bottom line.

The management of a modern IT system has many facets. These include application and system monitoring, troubleshooting and problem remediation, and ongoing performance management. We have appropriate tools and services to assist you in these areas.

I.T Security

Secure I.T Systems

In these challenging times Security is high on the agenda for Business and IT Management. Hacking incidents may have significant cost and reputation impact.

Whether it be the development and implementation of the right security policies, the introduction of a SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) solution, or establishing the right procedures for GDPR compliance, Xiaa and our Partners have appropriate methodologies and tools to assist.